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Autor: anonymous 04.07.2016. 02:23

Calling all PATRIOTS to stand up fro freedom, I spoke with my brother the other day xmilitary man and i suggested we go to the front of town halls and have public readings of the coidaitutnon,seclarttion of independence. This can be done in 50 state effort, If you bold enough to get a few friends go for it. I’m am making plans to go to Boston my homestate were freedom began. Havard square. 50 states let your voice be heard before its silenced, let freedom reign!!

Autor: anonymous 04.07.2016. 18:56

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Autor: anonymous 05.07.2016. 02:25

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Autor: anonymous 06.07.2016. 18:47

I think you hit a buslleye there fellas!

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